Weird and Wonderful Life of London Canal Boats

Canal boats are a unique and permanent fixture of London’s towpaths and waterways. Take a walk along the city’s canal and experience the interesting lifestyle and art of the tight-knit boat community.

Post-lockdown Lowdown – Where To Enjoy the Festive Season in London

The end of lockdown 2.0 is just within reach. For those looking to cash in on that Christmas spirit this is a chance to get out of the house for a change. Whilst Tier 2 restrictions are still in place, there are many outdoor activities you can enjoy with your relatives and bubbles.

5 Reasons Why You Should do the Inca Trail

Although Machu Picchu is easily accessible by train, many people still choose to undertake the 4-day pilgrimage to the ancient wonder by foot – known as the Classic Inca Trail. Here are the top reasons why you should take the leap into this Peruvian adventure.

Best Unusual Things To Do In Warsaw

Have you exhausted the list of all the top touristy things to do in Warsaw? Here is a list of unusual and quirky spots, attractions and activities you can explore on your next visit.

Top 9 Things To See in Warsaw for First Time Visitors

If you are new to Warsaw, this is the list for you. Warsaw is the amazing capital of Poland. The streets and buildings of this city are infused with history and bear the unforgotten marks that communism and the World Wars have left on its fabric.

Best Things To Do on Your Visit to Stunning Seville

Spanish cities are famous for their astounding architecture and amazing food. Seville is no different. The city is vibrant with colourful azulejo tiles, flamenco culture and lush gardens with orange trees everywhere you look. Here is what to do and where to eat in this wonderful city.

What You Need to Know Before Going to Rainbow Mountain in Peru

So you are thinking of going up Rainbow Mountain. Those vibrant, colourful, Peruvian slopes you have seen so many times on Insta feeds and aspirational travel boards on Pinterest. Also known as Vinicunca or The Mountain of Seven Colours (MontaƱa de Siete Colores), the site has emerged as a tourist destination only in 2015, when […]